Best Hair Extensions for Really Short Hair: Our Top 10 Choices For You!


Dealing with ultra-short hair and dreaming of luscious long locks? I feel you, girl. Some days you just want to whip your hair back and forth like a shampoo commercial model. But fear not, hair extensions for really short hair have arrived to save the day for us short-haired babes!

Now, I know what you’re thinking – extensions with a teeny-tiny pixie cut? How’s that supposed to work? Trust me, us at Laura Extensions were just as skeptical at first. But after years of experimenting and many cringe-worthy hair fails, I’ve finally cracked the code.

Ditch the clip-in extensions, Those suckers just don’t blend right when you’re working with very little length. Instead, opt for bonded weft extensions or sassy little tape-ins. They’ll blend seamlessly into your short strands and you can still keep that cute cropped look in the front.

But a word to the wise – not just any old extensions will do for us short-haired queens. You’ll want to splurge on 100% human Remy hair that moves and styles like a dream. Nothing worse than hair that looks and feels like a brillo pad, am I right? Let’s get you some amazingly real, lush and silky locks.

Now let me break down the 10 best subtle and natural-looking options that’ll give you brilliant hair in an instant…

Top Hair Extensions for Very Short Hair

If you’ve got really short hair and yearn for an instant transformation, hair extensions could be your best bet! We understand that blending extensions seamlessly with short hair is a bit of a challenge, but fear not, because we’ve gathered a selection of extensions that excel in this department. Whether you covet length, volume, or a splash of colour, our curated list has something for everyone. So, let’s get ready to boost your hair game with some fabulous finds!

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AGMITY Jet Black Extensions

If you’re seeking to enhance your short hairstyle with voluminous, straight hair, we certainly recommend these extensions for their quality and ease of use.


  • Seamlessly blend with natural hair for an elegant look
  • Clip-in design allows for quick and effortless self-application
  • Constructed with high-quality, reusable human hair


  • Limited to one colour, which may not suit all
  • May require purchasing multiple packs for fuller volume
  • A slight colour discrepancy can occur due to varying screen displays

After recently trying the AGMITY Clip in Hair Extensions, I’ve found they add a nice touch of sophistication to short hair. The jet black hue looked seamless, as if I’d just stepped out of the salon. Straight out of the box, the softness of the hair was immediately noticeable, and with a gentle brush, it flowed smoothly without any frustrating tangles.

The clips attached to the hair are sturdy and secure; it felt reassuring to move about daily without the worry of slippage. Installing them was a breeze—a few simple snaps and I had transformed my short hair into a luxurious mane. The ability to quickly clip them in and style as desired made my morning routine a delight.

Even after several uses, these extensions have maintained their lustre and texture. The packaging hints that they’re built to last, and thus far, they’re living up to that promise. As someone who occasionally colours their hair, the natural human hair factor here is a significant plus, allowing for safe dyeing to match my current tone if needed.

Elailite Clip-Ins

At Lauras Extensions we found this delightful set perfect for boosting our short hair’s volume and length in a snap.


  • Instantly enhanced fullness and added length
  • Blends seamlessly with natural hair
  • Can be styled in numerous ways


  • May not be ideal for ultra-fine hair
  • A little thin towards the ends
  • Could require additional styling to maintain

Transforming our short hair into lush, flowing locks felt incredible with the Elailite Clip-Ins. At first, I was sceptical, wondering how well it would blend with such short strands, but to my surprise, it was almost like magic. The double weft design provided that much-needed thickness and volume.

As we styled it, the human Remy hair felt silky and moved just like natural hair would, which was a relief. It didn’t take any special skills to clip them in securely either; every clip was in place, and the entire process was done before we knew it.

Yet what truly impressed us was the versatility; curling, straightening, or dyeing, these extensions handled it all like a champ. They became the highlight when we tried new hairstyles – braids and ponytails never looked so good!

It’s not all about looks, though. The thin ends had us getting creative to mix them in flawlessly. For those among us with extra fine hair, hiding the clips posed a bit of a challenge. But with a bit of practice and perhaps a dab of styling product, we managed to get a result we were proud to flaunt.

MORICHY Platinum Blonde Hair Extensions

We believe these extensions are a fantastic choice for those with very short hair seeking a quick transformation.


  • Creates a fuller, more bouncy look easily
  • Feels soft and blends seamlessly with natural hair
  • Clips are strong and easy to use


  • Not made from human hair
  • Colour may slightly differ from the images
  • May require additional styling to achieve the desired look

After recently trying out the MORICHY Platinum Blonde Hair Extensions, our experiences have indeed been delightful. The process of clipping them in was a breeze; the strong clips held fast to even our very short hair without any hassle, and the transformation was almost instant. The lush waves added a delightful charm and bounce that mimicked the movement of natural hair superbly.

Our fear that the synthetic hair would look obviously fake was quickly allayed. The smooth fibres had a surprisingly natural luster, and the shade of platinum blonde with hints of dark gold blended well with our hair colour. Receiving compliments from friends, we felt confident and stylish throughout.

At Lauras Extensions we did note, however, that the colour in reality has slight variations compared to the product photos online. While it wasn’t a dealbreaker for us, it’s something to be mindful of when selecting your shade. Despite the minor colour issue, we found the extensions suitable for various events from casual outings to more formal gatherings. The comfort they provided was an added bonus, letting us wear them all day without a tinge of irritation.

Overall, maintaining this breezy, bouncy look was straightforward, and even after a full day’s wear, the extensions remained securely in place, behaving much like our own hair. The versatility they offer in styling is appreciable, ensuring that with a little effort, a natural and elegant look can be achieved, even on very short hair.

Fine Plus Natural Brown Extensions

If you’re on the hunt for an instant transformation for your short tresses, these extensions are a game-changer.


  • Blends seamlessly with natural hair
  • Effortless to apply and remove
  • Durable clips adding to longevity


  • May differ in colour because of monitor variations
  • Not suitable for creating different hairstyles
  • Synthetic material might not feel exactly like human hair

Having just given the Fine Plus Natural Brown Extensions a try, we’re genuinely impressed by how they add fullness and length to really short hair. The clips felt secure, yet were surprisingly comfortable even after several hours of wear. The waves added a natural-looking texture that blended well with our own hair.

Installation was a breeze. The extensions popped in with ease and stayed put throughout the day without any tell-tale signs of artificial hair—it’s as if it was our secret. Styling our hair became an enjoyable morning ritual, with the transformation completed in just about five minutes.

We must say, the synthetic fibres were unexpectedly soft and mimicked the curl pattern of natural hair nicely. Even though you can wash and perm these extensions, do remember they don’t handle heat styling the same way real hair does. For us, we found them perfectly suitable for adding volume and a bit of wave to our existing style.

Leeven EZ Braiding Hair Extensions

If you’re aiming for a chic braided look on short hair, we reckon these Leeven extensions are a nifty choice for their ease of use and natural appearance.


  • Effortlessly merges with natural hair for a seamless look
  • Super lightweight, avoiding any discomfort
  • Hot water setting for a versatile styling experience


  • May tangle during braiding, requiring additional care
  • Texture may become less silky over time
  • Some colours might not match expectations

Having recently woven these extensions into a friend’s hair, we were impressed by how smoothly the process went. The Yaki texture blended perfectly, mimicking the natural kink of hair, which is particularly vital when working with really short hair. Plus, the pre-stretched feature removed the hassle of prep work, saving us a significant chunk of time.

Hot water setting is another gem that comes with this product; it allowed us to switch up styles with little fuss. Whether dreaming of Senegalese twists or box braids, the transformation was pretty straightforward. It truly felt like a breeze modifying our look to suit various occasions.

In the durability department, these extensions hold up well. They’re ideal for those of us who love a long-lasting style without the constant need for maintenance. But, it’s worth noting, after about a week of wear, the silky initial feeling gave way to a coarser texture. So we suggest staying stocked up on hair care products to keep those braids looking fresh.

Benehair Remy Clip-ins

We think these hair extensions are a great choice for those with really short hair seeking a quick transformation, thanks to their natural appearance and ease of use.


  • Blend seamlessly with natural hair, enhancing appearance subtly
  • Easy to apply and style for an instant makeover
  • Versatile styling options, with the ability to dye or heat style


  • Might need multiple packs for thick hair
  • Included quantity may be insufficient for a full head
  • Colour variations may occur due to different monitor settings

After clipping in Benehair’s Remy extensions, the resulting look is impressively natural. The chocolate brown mixed with light brown shade complements a variety of hair tones, adding a depth of colour and richness that pairs well with short hairstyles.

Wearing these extensions feels comfortable throughout the day. The secure clips keep each piece firmly in place without pulling on the roots or causing discomfort, which is a common concern with shorter hair.

The process of styling these extensions is quite straightforward. They tolerate heat well, allowing us to curl and straighten them as if they were simply another layer of our natural hair. Washing and maintaining the Remy clip-ins is hassle-free, and with proper care, they remain in top condition.

SARLA Halo Hair Extension

We think these halo hair extensions are a game-changer for those with short hairstyles looking to add volume and length without the hassle.


  • They blend seamlessly with natural hair, offering an elegant, fuller look.
  • Applicable without any assistance and much comfier without the clips.
  • Designed to be undetectable, ensuring a natural appearance once fitted properly.


  • Might not suit extremely short or fine hair styles.
  • Colour matching is crucial and might be tricky online.
  • Synthetic material may not mimic real hair texture for everyone.

These SARLA extensions have proven to be a bless! The halo design slipped effortlessly around our crown and adjusted in a snap, making us forget they were even there. Unlike those pesky clips that dig into your scalp, we loved how these extensions provided comfort throughout the day.

The wavy curls cascaded down our back, and we noticed how they moved just as lavishly as our own locks. Colour-wise, we chose Dirty Blonde, but ensure you’re picking the right shade to avoid any mismatch mishaps. That perfect blend is what made our mane transformation utterly convincing.

Our late-night out didn’t have us worrying about our hair. Dancing and strong winds came and went, but these extensions stayed put without fail. Yet, as we removed them at the end of the night, it was as simple as unhooking a necklace. They’re perfect for a temporary hair boost, but if you’re dreaming of daily wear, practice styling is key to make the synthetic fibres work alongside your natural tresses.

Elailite Clip-ins

We think these Elailite Clip-in Extensions are a steal for those with short hair looking to enhance their look with minimal fuss.


  • Blend seamlessly due to the high-quality Remy human hair
  • Damage-free and incredibly easy to apply at home
  • Versatile styling options, just like natural hair


  • Might not be ideal for those with extremely thin hair at the temples
  • Some users reported issues with the clips and hair fallout
  • The colour blend might not suit everyone perfectly

Having clipped these Elailite extensions into our own short hair, we’ve noticed an instant transformation. The fuller, longer hair feels completely natural, as if it’s grown out overnight. The quality of the Remy human hair is immediately apparent, soft to the touch and free of tangles.

The ease of clipping in these extensions impressed us. You could comfortably pop them in before a night out, with no damage to your own hair. They’ve stayed secure and unobtrusive, which is a real plus when you’re moving about.

Styling these extensions hasn’t been a problem either. They’ve handled heat well, responding just like our own locks would. Whether we wanted to curl, straighten, or leave them as they came – with a sleek, straight look – these extensions have coped admirably.

Despite the ease and quality, a few issues arose. Friends with finer hair expressed difficulty in concealing the clips. Moreover, not everyone was a fan of the colour match, so it’s worth keeping that in mind when selecting any extensions online. Overall, though, our experience with these Elailite Clip-in Extensions has been largely positive, proving their worth as a quick and effective way to switch up our style.

AGMITY Jet Black Extensions

If you’re seeking to enhance your short hair with length and volume, these AGMITY extensions are a top pick for their quality and ease of use.


  • Effortlessly blends with natural hair
  • Strong, invisible tape that’s easy to work with
  • Reusable with replacement tape included


  • May need multiple packs for a fuller look
  • Colour discrepancy may occur due to monitor differences
  • Professional installation recommended for first-timers

Transforming really short hair with extensions can be quite tricky, but AGMITY Jet Black Extensions make the process simpler. We’ve found that they add a seamless and natural look, effortlessly lengthening our short styles. The 100% human hair feels soft and responds to styling just like our own tresses, allowing us to curl and straighten for diverse looks.

Concerns about visibility and comfort of wear are common with tape-in extensions, but these ones use an invisible tape that’s hardly noticeable. We’ve fitted them easily just beneath our top layer of hair, and the adhesive holds well without any telltale bumps. Plus, they’re comfortable to wear daily, which isn’t always the case with extensions.

Taking out the extensions is where the replacement tape comes into play – it’s a lifesaver for extending the life of your hair investment. However, we’d recommend getting a professional to install them the first time to ensure the best results. For those of us with thicker hair, be aware that you might need several packs to achieve complete fullness. Also, be prepared that the colour might differ slightly from the pictures, but the general shade is a stunning jet black that’s versatile for different occasions.

The customer service provided by AGMITY is also worth mentioning – they are responsive and helpful in case any issues arise. So, from our experience, these extensions not only enhance our look but also come with the peace of mind of good support.

Morichy Halo Hair Extensions

We found that these extensions are perfect for anyone wanting to add instant volume and length to short hair with minimal hassle.


  • Blends seamlessly with natural hair
  • Simple and fast to apply
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit


  • Synthetic material may not feel as real as human hair
  • Can tangle more easily than natural hair
  • Limited styling options compared to human hair extensions

Finding the right hair extensions for short hair can be a challenge, but Morichy’s Halo Hair Extensions have been a game-changer. They are incredibly easy to use; just slip the invisible wire over your head like a headband and voilà – thicker, longer hair in an instant. The synthetic fibres have a natural, matte appearance that’s not too shiny, making the extensions look like they’re our own hair.

These halo extensions come in a beautiful Ombre Caramelo with Dark Root, a colour that has blended perfectly whenever we’ve matched it with similar shades. The adjustable wire means they fit comfortably and securely, and the extra clips included add to that sense of security, knowing they won’t slip throughout the day.

When it comes to care, maintain the extensions with gentle brushing to minimise tangling. It’s part of the deal with synthetic hair – it can tangle more easily than real hair, but we just take a little extra time. We avoid heat styling since they can’t handle high temperatures like human hair extensions. However, their pre-styled wavy texture means we’re ready to go without reaching for the curling iron.

In conclusion, Morichy Halo Hair Extensions are an affordable and fuss-free alternative for anyone looking to add volume and length. They’ve certainly saved us from bad hair days and given our locks a much-needed boost without the commitment of permanent extensions.

Buying Guide

Understanding Hair Extension Types

We should start by familiarising ourselves with the various types of hair extensions available. Clip-ins are ideal as they can be easily applied and removed. Tape-ins are another option which can be more durable but may require professional assistance for application.

Assessing Hair Quality

When choosing extensions, it’s crucial to evaluate the hair quality. We prefer extensions that mimic the look and feel of natural hair, ensuring they blend seamlessly. Remy hair is often recommended for its high quality, with the cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction.

Length and Weight

Ensuring a match in length is important for a natural look. We want to avoid extensions that are too long, as they can add unnecessary weight and make blending difficult.

LengthSuggested Weight

Colour Matching

It’s essential for us to choose the right colour to ensure that the extensions blend with our natural hair. We should compare our hair colour in natural light to the extension options available.

Attachment Method

We should consider our hair’s ability to handle the weight of extensions. For really short hair, lightweight clip-ins or tape-ins are preferable as they put less strain on the roots.


Proper aftercare is key to maintaining extensions. We should look for extensions that come with detailed care instructions ensuring their longevity.

By following these guidelines, we can make an informed decision when choosing the best hair extensions for really short hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered the most commonly asked questions to help you navigate the world of hair extensions for very short hair. Whether you’re curious about the options, costs, or types of extensions that suit a pixie cut, we cover the essentials to inform your next hair adventure.

What options are available for adding extensions to very short hair?

For really short hair, we can consider tape-in extensions, micro rings, or weave hair extensions. These methods can effectively blend with our short hair when applied by a professional, ensuring a natural look.

How much does it typically cost to get hair extensions for short hairstyles?

The cost for hair extensions can range widely, from around £60 to over £500. Prices vary depending on the method, quality of the hair, and the stylist’s experience. Micro ring or tape-in extensions generally start on the lower end, while quality keratin bonds may cost more.

Clip-in extensions can work for short and thin hair if done correctly. We recommend using lightweight, smaller wefts to avoid pulling and to ensure a seamless blend. Look for ones specifically designed for fine hair.

For a pixie cut, what kind of hair extensions offer the best results?

For a pixie cut, the best results often come from using hair weaves or micro ring extensions. These methods allow for close attachment to the scalp and blend well with the short lengths.

What should one expect from before and after results when adding extensions to very short hair?

One should expect a significant difference in both volume and length. It’s important to have realistic expectations; while extensions can create a dramatic transformation, they need to be well-matched in texture and colour to your natural hair for the most natural outcome.

Is it possible to use permanent extensions on extremely short hair, and what are the considerations?

Permanent extensions can be applied to extremely short hair, but there must be enough length to anchor the extensions securely, typically at least 2-3 inches. A skilled stylist is essential to ensure that the bonds are not visible and the extensions blend smoothly with your natural hair.

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