Best Remy Hair Extensions UK: Top Picks & Buyer’s Guide 2024


As a stylist who specialized in hair extensions for over a decade, I’ve seen enough botched extension jobs to make even a Kardashian cry. From fallen keratin bonds to split ends you could pick a lock with, finding high-quality Remy hair is like diving for pearls in an endless sea of flimsy synthetics and questionable human hair.

So, What are the Best Remy Hair Extensions available in the UK?

Let’s face it ladies, your locks deserve better than lackluster. Through exhaustive trial and error on countless clients, I uncovered the top Remy extension lines that blend and behave precisely like your own hair – no telltale shine or tangling! Because low-grade hair does nothing but damage your confidence along with your ends, I’m sharing my coveted list of salon-trusted Remy extensions available in the UK.

Consider this your treasure map leading straight to glossy, celebrity-worthy hair for a fraction of their price tag. Let’s banish brassy clip-ins and kiss goodbye to shedding, as I help you navigate to the remy extensions of your dreams. With my time-tested recommendations in this buyer’s guide, you can confidently invest in extensions perfect for your unique hair needs and style. Say goodbye to hair woes and unleash your inner mane queen!

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Top Remy Hair Extensions in the UK

We’ve gathered a selection of the finest Remy hair extensions available to our UK audience, known for their exceptional quality and genuine appearance. Our curated list below offers a variety of choices to suit diverse preferences and styling needs, ensuring every reader can find their perfect match for luxurious, natural-looking locks.

AGMITY Remy Extensions

We believe that if you’re looking for a natural blend and longevity in hair extensions, these AGMITY Remy Extensions are an excellent choice.


  • They merge seamlessly with our own locks.
  • The adhesive holds firmly yet is comfortable.
  • We can style them just like our natural hair.


  • Requires multiple packs for full volume.
  • Slight discrepancy in colour may occur due to monitor differences.
  • A bit of a learning curve for first-time users installing tape-ins.

Slipping these extensions into our hair, we’re immediately impressed by how natural they feel. The real human hair is salon quality, and we’ve found the texture to be both silky and robust. Styling is a breeze; whether straightening, curling, or dyeing, these extensions withstand it all just like our own hair would.

We’ve noticed that the strength of the tape is quite remarkable. It’s double-sided and provides a strong, resilient bond that doesn’t slip. The comfort is noticeable too; we hardly feel the extensions throughout the day. It’s as if they become a part of us. An added bonus is that each pack comes with replacement tape, making maintenance a cinch.

One thing to keep in mind is that we may need to purchase several packs to achieve the full-headed look we’re after. Also, while there is an array of colours to choose from, we’ve encountered slight colour variations when placed against our hair. This isn’t a major issue, as careful selection usually leads to a near-perfect match.

However, anyone new to tape-in extensions may need a little practice. Fitting them snugly against the scalp takes a skilled hand, but once we got the hang of it, it was straightforward. Plus, we’ve found that they last a good 2-3 months with proper care, which means less frequent adjustments and more time enjoying our luscious locks.

Moresoo Hair Extensions

We believe these extensions are a credible choice for anyone looking for quality and natural integration with their own hair.


  • Impressive blend with natural hair
  • Adhesive is strong and discrete
  • Hair remains silky after multiple uses


  • Requires careful maintenance
  • Limited lifespan of 1-3 months
  • May tangle if not properly cared for

Having recently worn the Moresoo Hair Extensions, our first impression was the seamlessness with which they integrated into our natural hair. The shade #8/22/8 gave off a stunning balayage effect that enlivened our hair without looking artificial.

The tape’s adhesion was another aspect where the extensions excelled. We were pleased with how securely they held without causing discomfort. Even when going about our daily routines, they stayed in place, providing a consistent, stylish appearance.

As with any hair extension, upkeep is pivotal. Washing them with a gentle shampoo and using conditioner kept the extensions feeling fresh. We also found that applying a hair mask periodically helped maintain their silky texture and lustre.

However, the extensions do demand a certain level of attention. Without it, they can become prone to tangling. We were mindful of this and made sure to brush our hair often. It’s vital to be gentle to avoid straining the tapes and the natural hair to which they’re attached.

The longevity of the Moresoo extensions could be seen as a drawback, yet we consider it reasonable for tape-ins, which are not a permanent hair solution. Should we seek to maintain our enhanced hairdo, we are prepared to replace the extensions every few months.

In essence, the Moresoo Hair Extensions proved to be a worthy addition to our beauty arsenal, ideal for anyone looking to enhance their hair’s volume and colour with a product that proudly exhibits quality and ease of use.

Silk-co Remy Hair Extensions

We recommend the Silk-co Remy Hair Extensions as they offer a natural, comfortable, and versatile enhancement to your current hairstyle.


  • The hair feels silky and blends seamlessly with our natural hair.
  • Application is straightforward with the tape-in method, and they can be reused by applying new tape.
  • Capable of being styled through curling or straightening and coloured to a darker shade.


  • After washing, the initial quality might slightly diminish, revealing wear.
  • The adhesive quality could be variable, potentially affecting the longevity of the extensions.
  • Colour representation may differ on various screens, so colour matching service is advisable.

Upon trying these extensions, we were immediately impressed by the silky texture and the natural sheen they possess. They mimic the look and feel of natural hair incredibly well, making them ideal for those seeking a believable hair enhancement solution. The 12-inch #02 Dark Brown variant matched our hair colour perfectly after utilising the free colour matching service, a useful addition to the purchasing process.

The tape-in installation was efficient and secure, enabling us to style our hair without worrying about slippage. Moreover, styling tools did not compromise the integrity of the hair, which allowed us to create a range of looks. It was satisfying to know that the high quality of the human hair also allowed for colouring, though we stuck to simple styling.

However, we did notice that after washing the extensions, there was a noticeable change in quality. While they remained functional, they lost some of their initial lustre. Additionally, the tape’s adhesive was strong initially but began showing signs of wear around the edges sooner than we had anticipated.

It’s wise to remember that monitor discrepancies can affect how colours appear online. Therefore, if you’re unsure about the correspondence between your natural hair colour and the extensions, we recommend availing of the colour matching service, which is straightforward and helpful.

In summary, the Silk-co Remy Hair Extensions have provided us with a satisfying experience, offering a balance of quality and convenience for anyone looking to enhance their hair’s volume and length. Their natural look, ease of use, and reusability make them a compelling choice for those in search of premium hair extensions.

AGMITY Remy Hair Extensions

We find the AGMITY Remy Hair Extensions a worthy investment for their natural look and ease of use.


  • Blend seamlessly with natural hair
  • Comfortable to wear all day
  • Free accessories included


  • May need multiple packs for fuller look
  • Could show colour variance due to different monitors
  • Communication attempts from the seller can be intrusive

When we tried these extensions, the first aspect that caught our attention was their impressive blend with our natural hair. Applying the seven-piece set was streamlined, involving no complicated steps, which definitely spares us the salon visit. The hair feels exceptionally soft and easily styled, which is testament to their claim of salon-grade quality.

Throughout the day, durability stood out. Frequent checks in the mirror were not necessary as they stayed firmly in place without adjustments. This is quite the comfort when one has a long day ahead and no time for hair mishaps. Each clip felt secure yet surprisingly unnoticeable, as if we were wearing no extensions at all.

In terms of aesthetics, these extensions have provided the jet black, glossy finish we hoped for. They come across as luxurious and could easily pass for naturally luscious hair. However, the downside was apparent when additional volume was desired; it was clear that one pack might not suffice for those with thicker hair. The colour, while a perfect match for us, could vary for others, which underscores the importance of colour matching prior to purchase. A point of contention was the seller’s post-purchase follow-up, which could be seen as a bit too forward for our liking.

In summary, we wholeheartedly recommend the AGMITY Remy Hair Extensions for anyone in the UK market seeking a quick transformation with natural-looking results. Their ease of use combined with the bonus accessories offer a complete package that’s hard to overlook.

Silk-co Remy Hair Extensions

We believe these extensions are an excellent choice for anyone seeking to enhance their hair’s volume and length with a natural look.


  • Effortless to wear, these extensions provide instant volume.
  • Seamless blend with natural hair creates a discreet appearance.
  • Highly versatile as they are washable and can be styled with heat tools.


  • May not suit thin hair as the wire could be noticeable.
  • Limited lifespan varying with care and use.
  • The set’s weight of 60g might not be enough for those desiring a full look.

Upon trying the Silk-co Remy Hair Extensions, we were pleased with the simplicity of application. The wire-in design means you can add length and volume without any complicated procedures. The adjustability is a great feature, allowing a comfortable fit for a wide range of head sizes.

The texture of these extensions impressed us most. True to their claim, they are silky and free from tangling, mimicking the feel of natural hair. We styled them as we would our own locks – curling and straightening were no issue, and they handled heat well, retaining their shape afterward.

However, we noticed that the wire could be somewhat visible if your hair is thinner. To avoid this, styling your natural hair to cover the wire is key. Also, although the extensions come in a standard 60g weight, additional volume might be necessary for a fuller look. They seemed to pair best with medium-density hair.

Overall, the Silk-co Remy Hair Extensions are a convenient and reliable option for anyone looking to improve the look of their hair. Whether it’s for a special occasion or day-to-day wear, these extensions provide a satisfying and professional finish.

Forever Young Nano Ring Extensions

We believe these extensions offer an innovative method for hair enhancement, but one should consider their mid-range quality matching their expectations.


  • Non-damaging application due to heat-free installation
  • Variety in length and colour options to suit individual needs
  • Real human hair for a more natural look and feel


  • Some discrepancies in quantity advertised and received
  • Colour may not match expectations based on images provided
  • A few users noted the necessity of additional maintenance

Recently, we tried out the Forever Young Nano Ring Extensions, and overall, the experience was fairly positive. The nano ring technology is impressively discrete, avoiding unnecessary stress to our natural hair as it requires no heat or harmful chemicals for installation.

The range of lengths and shades is undoubtedly a selling point, allowing for a personalised look, tailored to our specific desire. Moreover, the Grade AAA human hair boasted a natural appearance that blended seamlessly with our own tresses.

However, it was not without its drawbacks. We noticed that the quantity of strands received was at odds with what was promised, a factor that could lead to inconvenience and additional expense. Another issue some of us faced was the discrepancy in colouration; the silver extensions we chose didn’t quite live up to the ‘ice blonde’ expectation set by the product imagery.

Maintenance is a key factor with these extensions. Conditioning seems paramount to preserving the quality of the hair over time, which implies an added commitment post-purchase.

In sum, the Forever Young Nano Ring Extensions provide a viable option for those looking for a non-damaging extension method with the benefits of real human hair. However, buyers should prepare for potential issues with quantity and colour accuracy, as well as consider the maintenance required to keep the extensions in prime condition.

UK-Fashion-Shop Remy Extensions

We reckon these hair extensions are a solid choice if you’re after a natural look and convenience, although the adhesive could be a letdown.


  • Effortless to install and a real timesaver
  • Can be restyled and dyed to suit personal taste
  • Reusable, with additional tape provided for longevity


  • The tape may lose its grip, leading to potential slippage
  • Might require multiple sets for a full-head look
  • Limited lifespan with standard care

After trying out these tape-in hair extensions, we must say they blend well with our natural hair, giving it a seamless and silky appearance. The promise of them being tangle-free holds true, making maintenance a breeze. Their ability to be reused by simply replacing the tape is a frugal feature we appreciate.

Upon handling these extensions, we noticed their lightweight nature, which means they’re comfortable to wear all day long. The convenience of being to style them just like our own hair—curling, straightening, and even dyeing—allows for versatility in our look.

However, while application was straightforward, we did experience slight issues with the tapes’ adhesive qualities, as they seemed to weaken quicker than expected. It’s something to watch out for, particularly if you have a busy lifestyle or require a resilient hold. For those with thicker hair, be prepared to purchase more than one pack for full coverage, as one pack may not suffice.

In conclusion, the UK-Fashion-Shop Remy Extensions offer a great blend of ease and style, especially if you’re adept at managing the nuances of tape adhesion. Remember to stock up on extra sets for a full head and treat them gently to extend their lifespan.

Elailite Platinum Blonde Extensions

We think these Elailite Remy Hair Extensions are a worthwhile investment for those seeking quality, versatility, and a natural look.


  • Thick double weft construction provides ample volume
  • Pure Remy hair ensures a silky texture and tangle-free experience
  • Versatile styling options, including dyeing and heat applications


  • Clips may be visible if not well hidden, especially in thin hair
  • May require trimming to achieve a completely natural look
  • Colour match might be challenging for some users

Upon trying the Elailite Platinum Blonde Extensions, we were quite impressed with their quick and simple installation process. The anti-slip silicone clips are pre-sewn and allow for a seamless fit. These extensions are an ideal solution for those of us looking to magically transform our hair with fullness and length in mere minutes.

The quality of the 100% Remy human hair stands out. As we touched, styled, and shaped the extensions, we noted the soft and silky texture, which blended elegantly with our natural hair. It’s a delight to have the freedom to create endless hairstyles, thanks to the extensions’ ability to be curled, straightened, and even trimmed for a customised finish.

With their impressive thickness, the Elailite Extensions notably delivered an undetectable volumising effect. Even though the colour was an excellent match to our own, it’s important for potential buyers to assess their hair colour carefully to ensure a perfect blend, as achieving the right shade is crucial for the extensions to look as natural as possible.

Buying Guide

Understanding Remy Hair Extensions

When we seek the best Remy hair extensions in the UK, we focus on the quality of the cuticles. All cuticles should remain intact and run in the same direction to prevent tangling and ensure longevity.

Key Features to Consider

  1. Hair Quality: We look for high-grade hair, often termed as ‘virgin’ which has not been chemically treated.
  2. Texture Match: The extensions should blend seamlessly with our natural hair, which requires a close texture match.
  3. Length and Volume: We evaluate our desired length and volume to find extensions that meet our needs.
Cuticle AlignmentEnsures smooth and tangle-free wear
Hair OriginDenotes the source and quality of hair
ThicknessMust be consistent from top to bottom
Colour MatchShould closely resemble our own hair

Maintenance Requirements

Good maintenance is crucial for prolonging the life of our Remy hair extensions. We consider our ability to commit to proper care routines, including gentle washing, conditioning, and safe styling practices.

Ethical Considerations

We make sure to source extensions from reputable suppliers who adhere to ethical practices in acquiring human hair. Transparent sourcing is key for us to make ethical buying decisions.

By considering these aspects, we are well-equipped to select quality Remy hair extensions that align with our personal needs and values.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some of the most common queries customers have regarding Remy hair extensions in the UK.

Which brands of hair extensions are highly rated in the UK?

Among the well-reputed brands in the UK, Beauty Works and Additional Lengths stand out for their premium Remy hair extensions. These brands are celebrated for their quality and range of options.

How do Remy hair extensions compare to other types for individuals with fine hair?

Remy hair extensions are often preferred for fine hair because they retain the cuticle layer, offering a more natural and seamless blend with the wearer’s hair. They tend to be gentler on fine hair compared to non-Remy extensions.

What qualities should one look for when choosing high-quality hair extensions?

When selecting high-quality hair extensions, one should prioritise extensions that feature a uniform texture, durable wefts, and consistent colour. Additionally, the extensions should be free from shedding and tangling which signifies good craftsmanship.

Are nano or tape hair extensions preferable for achieving a natural look?

Nano hair extensions are typically less visible in the hair and can offer a more discrete appearance than tape hair extensions. However, for those seeking a natural look with added volume, tape extensions can provide a more secure and fuller effect.

How do clip-in hair extensions differ in terms of convenience and quality?

Clip-in hair extensions are renowned for their convenience as they can be quickly applied and removed without the need for professional help. Quality can vary, but the best clip-ins are made of high-grade Remy hair ensuring a quality look when worn.

Beyond Remy, are there superior hair extension options available on the market?

While Remy hair extensions are highly regarded for their quality and natural appearance, Virgin hair extensions are considered superior by some, as they have not been chemically treated and come from a single donor, ensuring cuticle alignment and premium quality.

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